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Best baits for Lac du Charlou


As most of our angler catch on Mainline baits mainly The Cell and Hybrid we have decided to stock them here for your convenience.

They are priced at:

11 per kg

50 per 5kg

95 per 10kg

We also stock Mainline pop ups, stick mixes and syrups at the lake.


We supply a very high quality 8mm pellet which French carp are reared on. We have studied the nutrient values of these pellets and have seen huge carp grown on these across France. These are sold for 20 for 10kg buckets.           




Particles are not to be brought in from outside the lake. We sell hemp, maize, combi mix, and small ammounts of tiger nuts. We cook all these baits fresh every day should you require.
These are priced the same as the pellets.


REMEMBER: We wouldn’t feed our carp poor quality food so we only promote good baits!!!! 

Many of the fish in our gallery were caught on these baits. 

Please order your boilies, and other baits, using the forms provided on booking your trip.  

New bait package deal

We feel that is would be a good idea to offer our anglers a deal on the baits so below is the deal we offer to help save your hard earned cash. It is only a few pounds but it all helps and means you get a good package to help you get onto those fish. 

 5kg of Mainline cell or mainline hybrid                                     

8mm carp pellets 

10Kg Particles (hemp, maize or 5 seed combi)      

TOTAL      85 


Paul & Allison Miles,

Lake Owners