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New fruit n nut lake boilie

  • Over the last ten years we have noticed that most of our fish have been caught on boilies made up of nutty, creamy, sweet flavoured HNV baits.
  • We have also noticed that lots of carp have been banked using tigers or banana or toffee pop ups.
  • This is why we have come up with a bait that covers all of the above.
  • This new and improved boilie supplied at Lac du Charlou is a high quality blend of milk protein powders, crushed and ground tiger nut, peanut, and Brazil nuts.
  • This all season bait also includes coconut, coconut milk, hazelnut oil, hemp oil, glm, scopex and banana.
  • This bait is bespoke to Charlou and has been designed to include all of the most popular ingredients that our carp feed on very well.
we feel we should offer a choice of other flavours as you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket (excuse the pun), so we also supply a fruity blueberry or spicy squid priced at the same.

They are priced at:

Boilies From £80/10kg

The new ‘supreme’ particle mix

We have decided to form a particle mix to go alongside our new boilie range which we believe has the edge over the old mix as we have included some extra little touches which will help to attract our carp to feed on what will keep them coming back for more.

  • This mix will include some whole tigers, crushed tigers, hemp, and a couple of little secrets.
  • This mix means that you can pick out whole tigers to use as hookbaits, as we have banned them being bought onto the premises.
  • This blend will cloud the water to help pull fish down to the food source.

They are priced at:

£24 per 10kg


  • The pellets we supply are from the French fish farmers and were used to rear our carp before we stocked them.
  • Since 2005 we have fed these into the lake and the carp have been feeding on these since being stocked. They are a recognisable food source.
  • There is no better pellet to fish with at Charlou.
  • They go under the carpe extrude label.

They are priced at:

£23 per 10kg

Bait deal

We feel that it would be a good idea to offer our anglers a deal on the baits so below is the deal we offer to help save your hard earned cash. It is only a few pounds but it all helps and means you get a good package to help you get onto those fish.

  • This includes 10kg lake boilies, 10kg supreme particle mix, and 10kg pellets

They are priced at: £110


We wouldn’t feed our carp poor quality food so we only promote good baits!!!! Many of the fish in our gallery were caught on these baits. Please order your boilies, and other baits, using the forms provided on booking your trip.