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  • Are there any crayfish?


  • Are there any poisson chat?


  • Are there shops nearby?

    Yes, a 10 minute drive for all your needs.

  • Can I use leaders of any sort?

    No, we have a leader ban but we insist on minimum of 60cm of tubing

  • Can we bivvy up anywhere on site on the Friday night?

    No, we need to have the site empty before we let newcomers in at 12 noon on the Saturday.

  • Can we bring our own rowing boat?

    No. Baitboats only.

  • Can we use the Kitchen?


  • Can we use Tiger Nuts?

    No nuts what so ever. We sell tigers in moderation. Pre sealed tubs of tiger nuts ok but must be told of these for inspection.

  • Do you have ‘lake boilies’ and do they produce fish?

    Yes, we supply ‘lake boilies’ and yes they certainly catch the fish.

  • How many rods can we use?

    As a rule, 3 rods, sometimes 4, at Bailiff’s discretion. However, if fishing in a double peg then maximum of 3 rods each.

  • How much do the tolls cost to the lake?

    There are 2 tolls to pay each way, cars will cost 26 euros each way, and vans cost around 36 euros each way

  • Is it a draw for pegs or a draw to choose a peg?

    It is a draw to choose your peg. We do not dictate where you fish if you draw 1 you pick first.

  • Is there a hook rule?

    Yes, it is micro barbed only, no barbless.

  • What is the average fish weight?


  • What is the consistency of the lake bed?

    Hard gravel for the most part with some very fine weed here and there. Silt areas can be found.