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2016 prices

Drive & Survive -  Single Angler 325

This package speaks for itself, it allows anglers to fish our lake for seven days and seven nights

Non Anglers - 45

Lake Exclusive - 2200 - This is to hire the whole lake for up to 10 anglers.

This is the package for groups of anglers who like to have the run of the lake to themselves with the added bonus of saving money. To book the lake exclusively for the week will cost £2200 for up to 10 people which works out at £220 per angler over 100 cheaper than the individual price!


Trophy Deal


Why not all chip in towards this neat little trophy to fish for whilst on your lake exclusive ?For 15 this engraved carp trophy will be given to whoever has the most or biggest fish for the week.It stands at 6 inches tall, so not massive, but a nice little touch to go along with any 'wagers' you may have.This can be paid for at the lake on arrival but needs to be ticked on the requirements sheet on paying final lake balance.



Food Package


The maths:

How much will you spend on 'decent' food for the week out here?

How much on gas, cooking and washing up utensils?

How much wasted fishing time preparing the food and cleaning dishes?

Do you want the hassle of snacking on crap?

If the answer is no then you take the food package option, and let us take the strain.



Chicken curry and rice

Roast pork and veg

Lasagne and chips

Pukka pie, peas and chips

Sausage, mash and beans, with onion gravy

Spaghetti bolognaise

Chicken, chips and veg 

Breakfast is a fresh French pain (wide baguette) with English sausage, bacon and egg. Delivered to your peg every morning.

All this for 130 euros per week to be paid at the lake. Puddings 20 euros for the week if you fancy. 

Vegetarians catered for.  



'We chose to take the food package at Lac du Charlou as we struggled to eat properly on our last drive and survive holiday. Well all I can say is I wished we had done it earlier. We were spoilt with big meals with some side dishes and plenty
of that nice French bread.

Simon and Caroline go the extra mile to make sure you have full bellies so we hardly snacked in between meals. Very 'hassle free' and well worth the money. We will be taking this option again next year'



Q. Can we bivvy up anywhere on site on the Friday night?
A. No, we need to have the site empty before we
let newcomers in at 12 noon on the Saturday.

Q. Is it a draw for pegs or a draw to choose
a peg?
A. It is a draw to choose your peg. We do not
dictate where you fish if you draw 1 you pick

Q.Can we use the Kitchen

Q. Can we use Tiger Nuts?
A. No nuts what so ever. We sell tigers in moderation. Pre sealed tubs of tiger nuts ok but must be told of these for inspection.

Q. Are there shops nearby?
A. Yes, a 10 minute drive for all your needs.

Q. Do you have ‘lake boilies’ and do they
produce fish?
A. Yes, we supply ‘lake boilies’ and yes they
certainly catch the fish.

Q. Can I use leaders of any sort?
A. No, we have a leader ban but we insist on minimum of 60cm of tubing

Q. How many rods can we use?
A. As a rule, 3 rods, sometimes 4, at Bailiff’s
discretion. However, if fishing in a double peg
then maximum of 3 rods each.

Q. Can we bring our own rowing boat?
A. No. Baitboats only.

Q. What is the consistency of the lake bed?
A. Hard gravel for the most part with some very
fine weed here and there. Silt areas can be

Q. What is the average fish weight?
A. 38lb.

Q. How much do the tolls cost to the lake?
A. There are 2 tolls to pay each way, cars will cost 26 euros each way, and vans cost around 36 euros each way

Q. Are there any poisson chat?
A. No

Q. Is there a hook rule?

A. Yes, it is micro barbed only, no barbless.