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Peg 1



A peg not used very often, and normally regarded as a spare peg to move into if needs must. There is no need to fish out far in here as most of the fish come from the right hand marginal shelf, although very snaggy. There are no features out in the open water, it is very flat at around 19 feet deep. If someone is fishing peg 11 then it sometimes pushes the fish out to in front of peg 1 but needs to be fished stealthily. I would only recommend using 3 rods in this one.A good peg for keeping out of the sun.



Peg 2




A nice wide peg with a lot of water to fish. Again, very flat out in open water but has the option to put baits behind the bar which is in front of peg 6. To fish the back of the bar you need to get 75 yards out towards peg 7.A good margin to the left.

Peg 3



Another peg with a good amount of water to fish.As long as no one is in peg 4 you can fish across to the opposite bank towards the sunken tree, or along the overhanging tree line.Fishing out in open water just short of halfway across towards peg 5 produces well.

Peg 4



Another spare peg really. It is more of a daytime stalking peg. Fish do come into this bay when there are no lines about so I feel this water is best fished from peg 3. A really nice reeded margin to the left of peg 4 produces well at times. A south westerly blows right into this peg hence why the fish like it in there on occasions. It has been left to mature along the front of the peg with some tall iriss to hide behind !! As I said before, a nice stalking peg.Definetly not a long casting peg.

In my honest opinion this bank is best fished from peg 2 and 3, leaving pegs 1 and 4 out.


Peg 5



This peg is one of the better ones and has some good features to fish to. It has a nice margin down the right hand side which has produced fish to 54lb in the past. There is plenty of open water to fish to towards peg 3/4 at around 60 yards.The left hand rod could be fished towards the end of the bar which is in front of 6, providing it is ok with whoever is in peg 6.There are a few little humps and bumps about 20 yards out towards pegs 3 and 4.


Peg 6



This peg has a gravel bar/plateau directly in front of it at 70 yards which stretches pretty much from the left hand to the right hand side of the peg. This bar comes up to 8 feet in places and drops off to 20 feet behind it. I do not allow fishing to the back of it from peg 6. In front of it drops to 17 feet. It is roughly 5 metres wide in the centre. The ends of the bar produce quite a few carp, as does the top of the bar at certain times of the year. Best fished with one rod on the left end slope, one on the top, one on the right hand end and one halfway out to the bar.

Peg 7



Another popular peg which has a generous amount of water to fish.Lots of fish come from about 70 yards out in the deeper water, fishing towards peg 10.Providing its ok with whoever is in peg 6 you can fish towards the end of the bar with your right hand rod. The left hand margin is also a good spot with a little pathway through to bait it up.

Peg 8



 This peg is the last of the three pegs which I feel should be avoided if possible as it is a small bay which spooks very easily if fished with 3 or 4 rods. We put this peg in as another spare to move into if the going is tough in any other pegs. There is a snag about 5 metres off of the left hand treeline towards the reeds so another reason to keep this one out in my opinion. This bank is better fished from pegs 5, 6, and 7.

Peg 9 



This is a double peg which controls the southern end of the lake and gets the sun all day !! A northerly wind blows straight into here.  

Left hand side 

This side of peg 9 has three large gravel bars, one of which plateaus at around 8 feet deep on top with 18 foot all around it, so very pronounced. This bar runs parallel with the peg itself and is around 10 meters back from the weeping willow tree next to peg 10. It runs across to the centre of the lake where it drops off to 20 feet. (refer to aerial photo of lake). The other two bars run from open water intowards the entrance end of the lake. (see aerial photo). This side of the peg has some really good far margins, normally fishing just in front of the little weeping willows.  There is a nasty snag about 5 metres in from the lake entrance corner of the lake which needs to be avoided at all costs. 

Right hand side 

This side of the peg has less features and is the deepest part of the lake going to 28 foot in places.  There is one gravel bar running parallel with the peg at twenty yards back from the reeds. This bar also runs into the centre of the lake where it to goes off down to 20 feet. (see aerial photo). Must people fish in front of the bar just as it starts to go up. Again, some nice right hand margin spots, the going one is next to the reeds, halfway down the right hand side 


Peg 10 



This peg has been very good this year due to the fact that there has been a lot of water over in the reeds since the new year. However, it is drying up over there now so wont be as many fish over there mid way through the season, although they are still showing over there from time to time. From halfway out the lake bed slopes up to the reeds very gradually going from 19 foot to nothing. (see aerial photos)I think the best approach in this peg would be to put the left hand rod out towards peg 5 at about 60 yards. The middle rod out to the reeds, and the right hand rod out towards the reeds at 80 yards, in 14 foot of water. These are the three favourite spots which get baited often. If you have four rods then I suggest plonking one down to the right just in front of the weeping willow. Do not go past this willow as you will be into peg nines water.Be aware there is a branch snag just of the willow so you need to bully the fish out from there if you get a take.Also just down in front of the reeds on your left there is a nasty snag but the fish are usually to tired to take you down there by the time you get them in !!

Peg 11



This is another good peg and gets fished every week. It is very flat out in this one with no bars so no need to use your marker. It is about 19 foot deep.It is best to fish over to the reflector on the far left hand margin or to the right of it by a few metres but bear in mind that about halfway up this margin towards the point it is very snaggy (big lumps of broken concrete on the marginal slope)There is a marker out there too which is on a snag so avoid fishing between this and the margin.Another good spot is out towards the big tall tree on the opposite bank at 90 yards. Also out towards peg 7 at 90 yards.It is not worth fishing along the left hand or right hand margin in here.