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Lac du Charlou rules



Micro barbed only, no barbless.

MINIMUM 15lb breaking strain for mainlines.

NO leaders of any type. Rig tubing only, minimum of 60 cm.

MINIMUM 42inch landing nets.

NO fixed leads.

Rig tubing to be used at least 2 foot above lead/clip

NO sacking of carp.

NO bonfires.

NO leaving rods unattended.

NO trespassing neighbouring lakes

Particles to be supplied by us, unless pre-packed brand named i.e. Dynamite.

All hook holds and other wounds to fish to be treated with carp care antiseptic.

No boating allowed, only bait boats.

MAXIMUM 4 rods.

No unused bait to be tipped in edge of lake at end of session.

No branches to be cut back around the lake

Unhooking mats to be wet down with cool water before placing any fish on it.

Any fish lost due to snags or similar must be reported straight away.

No pulling for breaks if line is snagged, please report straight away.

No diving into the lake. Snaggy areas and potentially fatal.

NO NUTS to be used here, unless prepared in pre sealed tubs i.e. 'Dynamite', CCMoore, etc... 


Checks may be made by bailiff at any time.



Paul Miles
lake owner